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The Venue - Deakin Edge

27th Feb - 1st March 2015

 Deakin Edge - Federation Square

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The Next event will be

The 2014 VicYPAA Annual General Meeting will be held at the Gahan Centre on Monday the 24th of February 2014 at 7:00pm.

All service positions will be rotated and for any position with multiple nominations a vote will be held.

We encourage all to come and join in, do you have a sponsee who would benefit from being involved in setting up the 2015 ViCYPAA conference? Please suggest they come along


If you feel like making a donation and are a member of AA or Al Anon (we don't accept outside contributions) please click here to donate securely through Paypal. This year we are raising the bar via a prime location, two seasoned speaker's from the US and much more, made possible by supporters like you.