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Victorian Young People In Alcoholics Anonymous is registered with Alcoholics Anonymous Australia. We support AA groups worldwide. If you need help with drinking call the 24 Hour AA Hotline 1300 222 22.

If you have a problem with alcohol and would like to stop drinking, you can call Alcoholics Anonymous at any time. Calls are confidential and you can remain anonymous.

The VICYPAA committee meet the last Monday of every month. Chat with a member, volunteer for service or come along to our next event vicypaa@gmail.com

Our Fun & Fundraising team host monthly events. To volunteer for service or attend the next event email events.vicypaa@gmail.com

Our next convention is the 11th & 12th of February 2018 at The Meat Market in North Melbourne. You can register a ticket for the event online now at xxx

VICYPAA is fully self supporting. If you are an AA Group member and would donate funds please email us at vicypaa@gmail.com. All donations go towards the annual VICYPAA Convention and helping young alcoholics stay sober.