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VICYPAA is a committee comprising of young members of Alcoholics Anonymous with approximately 10 years or less of sobriety. VICYPAA aims to give all members of Alcoholics Anonymous a safe place to go during high-risk times of the year, promote unity between young people in recovery and assist the wider membership of Alcoholics Anonymous in Victoria in being better prepared to carry the message to
the young alcoholic. VICYPAA show young people it is possible to have fun AND stay sober.

We raise funds to hold an annual convention with a guest speaker, the theme of which should be appealing toward the young in recovery, but inclusive of all. VICYPAA Distribute surplus funds back into the Alcoholics Anonymous service structure. VicYPAA’s primary purpose is to promote staying sober and helping other alcoholics to achieve sobriety; and in doing so to show how sobriety and service can be fun and fulfilling


Each year an AGM shall be held within one month of the convention (or as soon as practicable thereafter) chaired by the outgoing chair, attended by the outgoing committee and spiritual advisory committee where there is discussion and voting on general business and disbursements.

Renewal of registration with the relevant service entities is arranged and any members of Alcoholics Anonymous in attendance elect the next year’s committee with the chair being elected according to the Third Legacy Procedure.


The position of chair shall be a minimum 3 year commitment, the first year being to serve on the committee and the following years on the spiritual advisory committee (SAC).

The membership of the SAC (in the spirit of rotation) is limited to the 4 most recent previous chairs of VicYPAA whom are in Victoria and in a position to serve in the role.


The Spiritual Advisory Committee (SAC) will serve to provide advice to the committee around the traditions (minutes of meetings should be CC’d to SAC members), approving the budget for the event and authorising the venue.

In all other matters the committee shall be governed by their own group conscience. The chair will be supported by the SAC with regards to the 12 concepts and guidelines.


The first event that the new committee holds is suggested to be a traditions and service workshop, and assistance with this shall be provided by the Spiritual Advisory Committee if required.

This is designed to assist the committee to understand the importance of the AA traditions in holding events and raising funds during the year in accordance with the twelve traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous.


A minimum of $3000 shall be passed on from one committee to the next,
$1000 to be used as a seed fund for starting up fundraising, with the
remaining $2000 being prudent reserve for use in emergencies with
authorisation of the Spiritual Advisory Committee. Surplus funds should be
disbursed considering the following: Melbourne based CSOs/Intergroups
registered with the General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous Australia,
the General Service Board of Alcoholics Anonymous Australia,

all functioning
and active Areas in Victoria, and the District where the committee meets).
Permanent or temporary changes to the disbursement list can be made at the
AGM if approved by at least 2/3 of the combined membership of the outgoing
committee and spiritual advisory committee.